Notice: Please note that all our activities are currently being delivered online. We are offering fun, interactive and impactful facilitated virtual sessions, delivered three days per week for children/young people, and one day per week for parents/carers.

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Children and Young People

At New Hope North East,  we enable children with disabilities to come together with their siblings, relatives and friends.  Through our "Learning and Fun Together" sessions, young people from mainstream will learn that they are not different from their disabled peers and that they can learn a lot more positive things from each other blotting out pre-conceived segregatory perceptions and form strong bonds of friendship.  NHNE is determined to uphold and achieve the  involvement, participation, inclusion, interaction  and understanding between disabled children/young people and peers from mainstream. Our newly found place of operation, Trinity House Social Centre is well positioned with a  rich community inflow of both children and adults from mainstream and BME.

Parents and Carers

Sharing of daily challenges and how to overcome them  is one of our important  aspects. We tackle the real issues derived from the  "Social Model" of disability concept which sees disabling barriers as circumstances and conditions that prevent disabled people from fully participating in their Society. These barriers do so through: marginalisation and segregating disabled people in all aspects of social life; denying access to, and participation in organizations, and prohibiting equal rights. Therefore 'disability' can be thought of as being imposed on disabled people by these disabling barriers which permeate every aspect of the physical and social environment: attitudes, institutions, language and culture,organisation and delivery of support services, and the power relations and structures of which society is constituted (Swain et al 1993,  p.2). These barriers which are about social exclusion,  discrimination, inequality and poverty, are the real issues which need to tackle society's failure in providing appropriate services adequately to ensure the needs of the disabled are fully taken into account

Nevertheless, it may be easy to identify someone with a disability if they use a wheelchair, white cane or other gadgets, but for people with ASD, it is not so.   Therefore, in the event that you, a family member, or someone you know suffers from abuse because they are disabled, we will provide you with  advice and support, signpost you to relevant organization and even accompany you if you are not confident to speak out. We, at New Hope North East, are committed to promoting inclusion and below are some of the ways we endeavour to use in engaging  with wider community:-

Culture • Clothing • Food • Arts  • Music' and  Sports

Where We Started

Our founder's son Happy was diagnosed with autism several years ago. Her journey in helping disadvantaged and disabled children began some years ago where she has been instrumental in supporting orphans and disabled children in Zimbabwe.

After realising  that  the numerous challenges she encountered over the years  in raising up her 17 years old son are similar with what other parents experience ,  Elizabeth  decided  to help  others in the same situation within her own community.   She noticed  that BME disabled children/young people and their  families are not accurately represented and supported in many areas. While all families with a disabled child encounter many challenges, but for BME families the challenges are worse more  because they face many stereotypes,  prejudices,  stigma  and as a result,  they  abstain from participating and engaging with mainstream . Thus, they become systematically excluded and isolated,

Backed by a degree  Joint (Hon.)  in Disability and Childhood, she has acquired   knowledge  and skills  on  ways to empower disabled children/young people and their families. Elizabeth's vision and passion is  to remove barriers through  utilising academic skills and  her own experience as a mother of a disabled child, research  and merging it with what many families are experiencing everyday.  When these barriers which are caused mainly  by society's attitudes  are removed, then  BME families can confidently join in  with mainstream families, participate together in all activities,  having equal opportunities to fully take part in social, educational, and economical activities in an inclusive environment.

Minion With Friends

Learn About Disabilities

A massively important aspect of our organisation is educating people about various visible and invisible disabilities. Focusing on hidden disabilities such as autism, we work in the hope of reducing:

Abuse • Bullying • Discrimination • Negative Attitudes • Prejudice • Stereotyping. Segregation

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